The EUROTEK.2018 Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday 1st December at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

A number of awards are given out, acknowledging people, companies, equipment or services that have inspired divers, enabled them to further their diving, or made their diving safer.

These awards recognise outstanding achievements in advanced and technical diving. The awards are as follows


This is your opportunity to have your say and acknowledge the people, companies, equipment and services that have inspired your diving, enabled you to further your diving, or made your diving safer. You don’t have to attend the Award Dinner to vote.

The deadline for the second round of submissions is midnight on the XXXXXXX 2018.

EUROTEK Diver of the Conference Award

“An individual who has inspired or influenced you with their significant contirbution to advanced or technical diving”. This award is dedicated to the memory of Keith Morris, a technical diver.

Past Winners:
2008 Cave Diver Rick Stanton
2010 Wreck Diver Rick Waring
2012 Wreck Diver Richard Lundgren
2014 Cave Diver Jason Mallinson
2016 Cave Diver Cristina Zenato

EUROTEK Discovery Award

“An award given for significant discoveries in the field of advanced or technical diving”. This can include discoveries in the fields of equipment design; diving medicine, science and research; diver education; expedition diving et al

Past Winners:
2014 Associate Professor Simon J Mitchell
2016 Underwater Archaeologist and wreck researcher Immi Wallen

EUROTEK Media Award

“An advanced or technical diving cinematographer, writer, film, programme (radio, television, cinema, on-line) or publication (book, magazine – printed or e-media) that has educated, inspired or influenced your diving”

Past Winners:
2008 Wreck Diving Magazine; Joe Porter
2010 Deco for Divers; Mark Powell
2012 Divers Of The Dark; Antti Apunen and Janne Suhonen
2014 Rebreather Forum 3 Conference Proceedings; Dr Richard D Vann, Dr Petar J Denoble, Dr Neal W Pollock
2016 Diving Into The Unknown; Director Juan Reina

EUROTEK Innovation Award

“An advanced or technical diving product or service that has enabled you to further your diving or made your diving safer”

Past Winners:
2008 Inspiration Rebreather; AP Diving
2010 Oxygen Cell Checker; Narked At 90
2012 TEKCamp; Martin and Amy Stanton
2014 Shearwater Research Petrel and NERD; Bruce and Lynn Partridge
2016 KUBI Dry Glove system; Peter Kubicka and Peter Wilson

EUROTEK Outstanding Contribution to the Diving Industry Award

“The unsung hero who has gone the extra mile to support and develop others in the field of advanced and technical diving”

Past Winners:
2010 John Womack; Otter Watersports
2012 Jim Standing and Paul Strike; Fourth Element
2014 Mark Richard Evans; Sport Diver Magazine
2016 Gavin Anthony; Diving and life support Expert Consultant

EUROTEK Lifetime Achievement Award

“An individual who you admire for their consistent contributions or discoveries that have advanced or opened up the field of technical diving”. This award is dedicated to the memory of EUROTEK Co-Founder Carl Spencer

Past Winners:
2008 Marine engineer and diver; Kevin Gurr
2010 Cave diver and author; Martyn Farr
2012 aquaCORPS Founder; Michael Menduno
2014 Dive educator and equipment inventor; Lamar Hires
2016 Dive educator and pioneer; Tom Mount

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