Armando Ribeiro

Technical Diver

The taste for deep dives, unexplored wrecks and caves, lead Armando Ribeiro to establish the ‘In-Silence Dive Team’ Portugal’s first team of technical rebreathers diver.

Created in 2004/2005 their main objective is the development ofCCR diving for the use of exploration of both deep shipwrecks and caves on the Portuguese coast as well as the participation in international diving expeditions.

Armando was one of the first serious advanced expedition divers in Portugal which led him to become a member of numerous expeditions with some of the world’s best technical divers.

His most recent project aims to explore, obtain cave’s cartography and capture in video the biggest and most spectacular springs in Portugal. This exciting adventure was recently fuelled by the discovery of new underwater galleries that have opened the door to new challenges due to the greater depths and distances that the team have been achieving.

Armando’s work and expeditions are published in diving magazines internationally.

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