EUROTEK Past Speakers

Noted experts and explorers from the field of advanced and technical diving that have presented at EUROTEK since 2008.

Eurotek is regarded as the ‘Premier’ conference in the Northern Hemisphere where speakers are introduced for the first time. Eurotek is proud to have discovered the world’s best speakers in the world of diving.


Antti Apunen. From Finland: Technical diver and cave diving author

Gavin Anthony from UK: Technical expert in diving technology systems & safety operations.


Mike Barnette from USA: Marine Biologist – National Oceanic and Atmostpheric Administration

Leigh Bishop from UK: Co-founder of EUROTEK. Deep wreck explorer and photographer

Vikki Batten from UK: Technical diver and PADI representative

Johan Boshoff from South Africa: Technical diver who led a search to discover the Coelacanth a living dinosaur deeper than 100m. Editor and Publisher of Divestyle Magazine, Southern Africa’s largest magazine for scuba divers

Dan Burton from UK: Technical Diver. Photographer

Jason Brown from UK: EUROTEK Organiser, Technical and Cave Diver. Photographer.


Mark Caney. From UK: Vice President PADI EMEA. Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer

Craig Challen. From Australia: Cave diver. Wreck diver

Barry Coleman. From South Africa (originally Sweden): Technical diver. Instructor

Jeff Cornish. From UK: Deep wreck explorer


Petar J. Denoble. From Croatia: Vice President of Research, Divers Alert Network USA.

Mark Dixon. From UK: Deep Wreck Explorer. EUROTEK Organiser.

Carl Douglas. From Sweden: Shipwreck diver. Explorer. Co-founder, Deep Sea Productions.


Martyn Farr. From wales: Cave Explorer. Photographer. Author.

Dr. Andrew Fock. From Australia: Diving Doctor. Deep Wreck Diver.

Mark Freeman. From UK: Technical Sales Director, Stansted Fluid Power

Doug Friday. From Australia (originally UK): Cave Diver. Underwater Filmmaker.


Kevin Gurr. From UK: Technical diver in all disiplines, author and noted marine engineer responsibly for products such as the VR3 computer and both the Ouroboros and Sentinel closed circuit rebreathers.

Dr Dmitri Gorski from Russia: Cave explorer.


Paul Haynes. From UK: Royal Marine Commando with extensive military diving background. Defense Business Development Manager for Divex Ltd the world’s largest manufacturer of professional and military diving equipment.

Jill Heinerth. From Canada: Cave explorer. Author. Photographer. Cinematographer

Lamar Hires. From USA: CEO of Dive Rite. Sidemount diving pioneer. Cave explorer. IANTD Board of Advisors. International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Training Co-ordinator

Danny Huyge. From Belgium: Deep wreck diver. Underwater cameraman


Jarrod Jablonski. From USA: President and CEO of Halcyon Manufacturing and Extreme Exposure. President and founder of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). Cave diver

Chris Jewell. From UK: Cave explorer

Dr. Geriant Ffoulkes Jones. From UK: Deep Wreck Diver. Decompression management expert


Brian Kakuk. From Bahamas: Cave Diver former U.S. Navy Hard Hat Diver Founder/Director of the Bahamas Caves Research Foundation and co-owner/operator of Bahamas Underground Technical Diving Facility.

Richie Kohler. From USA: Deep Wreck Diver and noted television presenter.

Evan Kovacs. From USA: Deep Wreck Diver & Renown underwater cameraman & film maker.


John Lamb. From UK: MD of Vandagraph Ltd, expert in sensor technology and active diver.

Steve Lewis from Canada: Technical diver and Instructor

Gareth Lock. From UK: Wreck diver and RAF Pilot, expert in incidents prevention and ultimately fatalities using real-world case studies.

Ian Lawler. From Ireland: Deep wreck diver and shipwreck researcher.

Richard Lundgren. From Sweden: Deep Wreck explorer, Founder of Scandinavia’s Baltic Sea Tech Divers and Ocean Discovery diving groups, GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) Training Director.


Fabio Manganelli. From Italy: Deep wreck diver. Former Fighter Pilot

Rod Macdonald from Scotland: Shipwreck explorer

Jason Mallinson from UK: Cave explorer

José Santana Marques. From Portugal: Deep wreck explorer

Michael Menduno. From USA: Technical diving writer. Founder and Editor of aquaCORPS Magazine

Barry McGill. From Ireland: Deep wreck diver. Photographer

Mick McNulty. From UK: Diver. Works for Stansted Fluid Power

Pete Mesley. From South Africa: Deep wreck explorer

Paul Mee. From UK. Deep wreck explorer

Hugh Miller. From UK: Underwater cinematographer

Agnes Milowka. From Australia (Originally Poland). Underwater cave explorer (Deceased)

Simon Mitchell. From New Zealand: Associate Professor Consultant Anesthetist. Diving Physician. Head of Department of Anesthesiology, University of Auckland. Deep wreck diver

Casey Mckinlay. From USA: Cave explorer. Operations Manager, Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP). Director of Global Business Development, Suex Scooters

Tom Mount. From USA: Technical diver. CEO of IAND, Inc.


Eduardo Pavia from Italy: Deep wreck explorer

Martin Parker from UK: Managing Director of Ambient Pressure Diving. Rebreather diver

Sami Pakkarinen from Finland: Cave explorer

Neil Plant. From UK: Deep wreck diver

Simon Pridmore. From UK: Technical diver. IANTD Board of Advisers

Dr Neal W Pollock. From Canada: Research Associate, Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, Duke University Medical Center. Research Director, Divers Alert Network USA

Mark Powell. From UK: Technical diver. Instructor Trainer. Author. TDI Board of Advisors

Jouni Polkko from Finland: Deep wreck explorer


Paul Raymeakers from Belgium: Technical diver and REVO rebreather manufacturer

Armando Ribeiro. From Portugal: Deep Wreck Diver

Martin Robson. From UK. Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer. IANTD Board of Advisors

Liz Rogers. From Australia: Cave explorer and photographer.

Fabio Ruberti. From Italy. Shipwreck Explorer. IANTD Italy

Mike Rowley. From UK. Deep wreck diver and BSAC Technical Group lead.


Arne Sieber. From Austria: Sensor Technology expert, SCUBAPRO

Rick Stanton. From UK: Cave Explorer

Richard Stevenson. From UK: Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer. Underwater Cameraman. Managing Director of Marine Underwater Solutions

Brett Seymour from USA: Technical diver & Deputy Chief of the US National Park services submerged resources center.

Don Shirley. From South Africa (originally UK): Deep Cave Diver

Phill Short. From UK: Cave Explorer. Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer. Training Director, IANTD UK

Ken Smith. From Australia (originally UK): Cave explorer

Bill Smith. From UK: Diver. Search / location expert

Carl Spencer. From UK: EUROTEK Co-founder. Deep Wreck Diver. (Deceased)

Tomasz Stachura. From Poland: Deep Wreck Photographer. Managing Director of Santi Diving Equipment

Janne Suhonen. From Finland: Technical Diver. Photographer


Teresa Telus. From UK: Deep Wreck Diver

Paul Toomer. From UK: Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer. Owner of RAID


Alex Vassallo. From UK: Deep Wreck Diver. Managing Director of Custom Divers


Dr Richard Walker. From UK: Technical Diver. Instructor Trainer. Director of Technical Training,Global Underwater Explorer

Rick Waring. From UK: Deep Wreck Explorer

Jim Warny. From Belgium: Cave Explorer

Immi Wallin from Finland: Deep wreck explorer.

Dr Bruce Wienke. From USA: Diver. Programme Manager within Nuclear Weapons Technology / Simulation And Computing

Clive Wilcox. From UK: Managing Director of Amphilogic


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