Rui Luis

Speleologist and Technical Diver

Rui Luis a Portuguese speleologist born in 1978

During the early 1990’s he joined the team of cavers from AESDA – Association of Underground Studies and Environmental Defense and soon became responsible as editor of their magazine ‘Trogle’ Now he is currently chairman of the board.

In Portugal his assossiaction is  known for having discovered, participated and explored the Algar do Bom Santo, (perhaps the most important Neolithic Necropolis), the Roman Mines of Valongo (largest roman mining complex), the Algar Palopes Portugal deepest cave among other projects related to archeology, paleontology and biospeleology.

He is a teacher of underground photography and has published several articles and participated in national and international congresses of speleology.

He began diving to further explore caves in 2001 but today is an advanced closed circuit rebreather diver exploring submerged caves and specialising in underwater photography and archeology.

He is currently responsible for the cave diving department of Xplorasub – Association of Underwater Studies and co-responsible for the exploration of several Portuguese karstic springs.

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