Andy Torbet

Technical diver and Television Presenter

Andy Torbet began snorkeling at a young age off the coast of Aberdeen Scotland…and the vis has been getting better ever since.

He’s a technical diver and cave diver, the latter being his preference is it affords him the opportunity to swing about on ropes and has less chance of seasickness.

He commanded the Army’s Underwater Bomb Disposal and the High-Risk Search Unit of the Maritime Counter-Terrorist Group before becoming a professional diver, lending support to scientific and archaeological projects and running his own exploratory expeditions.

As a TV-Presenter he has dived in caves, mines, unknown shipwrecks, under icebergs, in glacial ice-caves, on Britannic, and with all manner of wildlife.

As well as a diver and caver he’s a competitive Skydiver, Paramotor pilot and mountain guide.

At last count he’s written over 200 articles, 1 book, presented on 21 TV series and has 2 children. He’s hoping to do more of this in the future, but ‘In his own words’ except the kids…2 is quite enough.

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