Dr Richard Harris

Australian Cave Diver & Medic

Dr Richard “Harry” Harris works in anaesthesia and aeromedical retrieval medicine in Adelaide, South Australia. He was the Doctor who was key to the Thailand Cave Rescues. He has expertise in diving, wilderness and remote area health.

His passion for cave diving goes back to the 1980’s and has taken him to the corners of the globe in search of new adventures. Harry and the “Wet Mules” have explored the Pearse Resurgence in New Zealand to 229m depth, Daxing Spring in China to 213m and Song Hong Cave in Thailand to 196m to name a few.

In Richard’s own words, he is an ‘enthusiastic but inferior’ UW photographer and videographer who is resigned to capturing opportunistic images via helmet cams. Harry has a professional and voluntary interest in search and rescue operations, establishing the first sump rescue training course in Australasia. By building relationships with emergency services in Australia he has been preparing for such an event. The 2018 Thailand Cave Rescue was an opportunity to put this training to work.

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