Dr Timmy Gambin

Wreck diver and Maritime Archeologist

Dr Timmy Gambin is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta, from where he obtained a B.A. in History. Over the past years, he has been involved in numerous collaborative research projects all over the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Through the use of state of the art technologies he has contributed to the discovery of over 25 ancient shipwrecks in places such as Spain, Italy, Sicily and Croatia. In the course of his surveys he has also discovered more recent but no less important shipwrecks such as the HMS Olympus – which sunk with the largest loss of human life in Royal Navy submarine history. In 2017, Timmy organised the 75th anniversary commemorations including a dive to place a memorial plaque on the site situated at 115m.

He considers himself lucky to combine his passion for WWII history with archaeology – especially in the growing field of aviation archaeology underwater. With well over 50 aircraft discovered and explored so far, submerged aircraft crash sites are fast becoming an integral part of Timmy’s work.  Currently, his major project is the excavation of the Phoenician Shipwreck off the island of Gozo – datable to 2700BC – it is currently the oldest known shipwreck in the central Mediterranean.

Timmy also has a passion for sharing his discoveries and work with students of all ages and the general public alike.

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