EUROTEK.2018 Talks

EUROTEK showcases 40 different inspiring and educational talks and useful workshops are presented by a team of international experts, diving legends and explorers.

Get access to up to 40 different presentations covering many aspects of advanced and technical diving. From wreck, cave and physiology through to technique, safety and imaging. A team of international experts, luminaries and diving legends will be flying in from all over the globe to speak at EUROTEK. This is your opportunity to learn from the pioneers about the latest in best practice and techniques. Your hardest task will be deciding who to listen to next!

Many aspects of diving are discussed including cave diving, shipwrecks and diving physiology. There is something for every diver – the only problem you will have, is choosing who to listen to next!


Meet the core dive team behind history's greatest cave rescue at EUROTEK.2018!
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PLEASE NOTE: New talks, presentations and workshops are being added daily. Please check back regularly to see what other great talks we have in store – watch this space!


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